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  • Fueling Change

    2/16/2019 10:55:08 AM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    A few weeks ago I attended the RFMXFit presentation to get a feel for how the whole program was evolving. 

    The presenters spoke about the elements necessary for change. Paul Carroza shared some of his background that led to his lifelong work in the fitness world. And the food aspect was addressed by a woman who had cleared her own body's ecosystem issues to feel healthy and now shared that wisdom with others.

    What wasn't fully articiluated was the WHY of the program. It was held in a cardiologist's office so there was one clear 'why' answered. However, how do people keep doing the personal math--that goes far beyond the physical--to stay engaged? 

    In my own case, at the age of 56, I'm doing this so that I can have the stamina to keep doing the important work I've been incubating over the last 2 decades. It's not about being skinny (I had a rather unhealthy 'skinniy' period thanks to anorexia & bulimia in my early 20s) or staying 'young'. It's about being present in the most sustainable form for the role I've been preparing for: creating opportunity ecosystems that allow all of us to bring our full complement of talents forward for the benefit of all. 

    Our bodies are our most accessible ecosystem, as they go, so goes the world. Keeping our own internal health in balance allows us to stay balanced exteranlly in a ever-more unbalanced world. 

    Sounds like a good WHY to me. 

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    I'm not a natural runner. Even at my peak physical health 25 years ago, when I was working out with a trainer 3x/week and living by the beach in Santa Monica, running was not in my repertoire.

    What I am, however, is a natural connector. And this skill has improved exponentially over the last 25 year.

    Why does this matter in a fitness blog? Well, it wouldn't in most, but the ATX100 / RFMXFit program is different.

    In addition to connecting you to your own potential, the ATX100 program smoothly moves you beyond your limits. Guided by Paul Carroza, the shared experience of ‘drills & hills’ naturally engages the participants in community, something that we all need more of in our modern world.

    Bottom line: in my many years of working out, this the by far the best experience I’ve had and will happily recommend it to everyone.Save

  • Minding Your Health

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    I missed the workout today.

    I didn't get much sleep last night, which isn't an unusual event for me, as i've always had trouble sleeping. However, this time I just didn't have the reserves to push through the tiredness & heaviness today. Mentally I 'know' that getting out in the cold weather and connecting with the group would lift my energy. And, 10 years ago that would have been enough to motivate me to push through the tiredness. 

    However, now, at the age of 56, I listen to more closely to what my body has to say. The message I got today was that I need to recharge and workout in my own neighborhood this morning. Which I will do, and wil get some of the benefit I would have gotten from working out with the group this morning. 

    What's missing, of course, is the group energy. One of the most important aspects of the RFMXFit program is the community that emerges between and among participants. The individual benefit of walking together, doing the drills and the bear crawls is clear. But it's the invisible connections made as we push beyond our personal knowledge and create shared wisdom that allows a new story to emerge. 

    I will work out with my sister later today. And work out with my emergying fitness 'family' again next week. 

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    ATX100, community, walking

    “Each time a person takes a step up towards the light, something incredible takes place. New stars are lit. Guiding lights.

    It makes it easier to take the step the next time.” ~ Johan Falkberget


    On Saturday December 15th, I received a text inviting me to participate in the ATX100 group scheduled for 7:30 the next morning. I accepted the offer and thus took the first step on the fitness path aligned with the RFMX platform mission of aligning mind, body and spirit within a community to create a new story of wellness.

    I had all the information I needed to take the first step: time & place.

    As the first session proceeded I had the opportunity to become reacquainted with my knowledge of limits.

    And, as I drove away from the session that Sunday, I was happy to notice that the wisdom of my potential was activated and became fully awakened by the third meet up.

    Though I’m a few weeks behind in journaling this experience, going forward, I will be sharing my weekly perspective through the remainder of the program.

    If history informs future, I don’t believe I’ll end up being a runner, but I will certainly keep taking steps and lighting new stars.

  • The First Step

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