About the Coach

For years I have been the center of multigeneration, coed, full-spectrum training groups.  My life has led me through a personal desire to be very active and to be inclusive in my personality to having asthma and overcoming many health issues.  I have always had the natural athletic ability to be fast and I am very determined to succeed, but with my asthma, it all came with a price.  

I have never exercised a day in my life, but I train constantly.  I have never been on a diet in my life, but I eat well.  I feel exercise is a failed modern attempt to replace the physical activity that our ancestors had to do to survive and be productive.  We are blessed to be alive in a time when our workstyle has become very comfortable, perhaps too comfortable.  Work is something that has to be done and we are engineered to feel better after a full days work, when it was physical work. Physical work leaves you feeling accomplished, tired and ready to get a good nights sleep.   Sedentary work leaves us feeling stressed, lethargic, and wired.  Ruining our rest and leaving us feeling stressed.

If you look at the history of mankind, we have always valued recreation and athletics.  The Olympics are a great example of how we value athletics.  The Roman Colesium was not a fitness center, it was an athletic arena.   The difference between exercise and training is having an athletic goal vs a fitness goal.  For example, if you have to exercise 30 minutes a day for the rest of your life, where’s the joy and sense of accomplishment?  If you train for a 5k for three months and hit that finish line you are an athlete, there is a celebration, you are accomplished.

The benefit of athletics is also the team, the coach and the gear.  All critical to turning exercise into a passion.  The relationships you build on teams are beyond imaginable.  The shared path, work, and accomplishment run deep.  Your coach helps guide you to work harder when you have no confidence and to rest when you overtrain.  Your gear needs to be the best for you so you can thrive as you push your body through the miles and the weather that comes with outdoor training on a yearly cycle.

I was able to overcome my asthma and become an NCAA All-American 1500 M runner.  I was able to play Varsity Basketball, win NorCal wrestling Championship, win a Master’s National Track Championship.  I was able to break 2:00 minutes in the 800 meters on my birthday until I was 43.  I set the goal at 17.  But my greatest joy has been coaching thousands of groups of individuals to become endurance athletes. We have built teams and clubs, finished marathons, 5ks, mountain climbs.  They are healthier people, better parents, grandparents, and have cracked the code of how to live in today’s comfortable work and feel physically and emotionally accomplished through athletics.

Coach Paul Carrozza

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